le Vampiress Rin (morbid_dancer) wrote,
le Vampiress Rin

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Innocence Fallen Far

i wrote this awhile back & finally came up with a title.

Come with me, little dear
Take my hand and we'll fly
Kiss me with eyes closed so tight
Breathe into me your breath, sweet life

These tears I feel upon your skin
Irridescent rain we danced together
Among the stars and spirits envied us
The rain washing away this filth, our sin

Death is but a eternal calling
We walk along the bleeding path
Lost among a sea of disturbance
Fearing all that cuts into our core

Blood like rose petals washed away
The things we tried so hard to say
I'll hold you as the darkness nears
How I wish to take your pain.

Drowning, my sweet angel
You cannot breathe in this place
Light to darkness, we say good-bye
You know I'll see you one last time.
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