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been a couple months...

I got caught up in school, friends, work, and love. But yeah, it seems I've returned yet again. x3 Spring Break was fun, I got to spend time with Mike and get in some hours at work as well as hang out with friends. Today was the start of 4th quarter, and I'm trying to stay focused and not fuck this up. I have this really bad procrastinating issue... ^^; eh heh. I was telling Damarra, Avery, Greg, Joe, and Evan at lunch about how a few weeks ago Mike and I got into a random discussion about how if everyone we're friends with were a STD, who would be which one. XD No, I'm not kidding. We actually thought about writing it down! ;D But we didn't. D: We should have. So now I'm waiting to go home and chill for 45 min. before I have to work ><; le sigh. I'll update again later.

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