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It all turns to sunshine...dirty sunshine...

I feel like shit now. But I don't mind cause it's that time again. I'm a mess don't want to let you in.

Friday was Uriah's party...Mike and I slept over there. It was nice waking up to seeing his sweet face <3 *blushes* Tegan calls me at 1am on like...Sunday morning? I think. Can't remember. That....was a really weird conversation. He's like...convinced he loves me in a way no one else ever could. o.O uh-huh....yeah....crazy. He's soooooo jealous of Mike! It's almost comical. XD Note to self: in my next life, no psycho exes. <3-me.

*sigh* anyways, so finals are next week. >//< I'll do my best. ^-^ I fianlly have the internet back! Huzzah! ^.^ Score! And it's high-speed >.> <.< Mwahaha... ^^;; Mike says I'm going to be really happy but won't tell me why yet x3 Silly cuteness ^^
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