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~Winter Break's end...

So I'm back at school starting today. It was nice to have some time away from school. I needed it. I got to hang with friends most of it, (when not working) and had a lovely New Years Eve, spent with my boyfriend, his dad, his dad's gf, sister, and her three friends. We went to AmericInn. Lots of swimming, champagne, and food. <3 x3 The funny part is that we met a crazy woman. Literally. She kissed Tahsa, Mike's 13-year-old sister, on the lips! And she tried to put moves on me and Jessi, but we told her to back off. Mike's dad kicked her wasted ass out of our room (she'd come up for coktails)and she was told not to come around again. We found out kater that she fucked a guy on the staircase, as well as supposedly met up with a guy who had three prostitutes in his room. Ha ha, she was a funny drunk. Other than that, things went smoothly and happy. <3
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