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Thanksgiving was okay, had family over... ha ha at work yesterday this woman got mad at me because I screwed something up on the cash register and got bitchy claling me 'hopeless' and shit. I tried to ignore it but I was already stressed out and she was taking it too far. I told her she had no right to disrespect me. She started yelling at me saying 'you have some nerve!' Well maybe I do, but she had some nerve to be saying the crap she did. Everyone makes mistakes. She needs to shut the f**k up and deal. >_<; My manager is upset with me but I don't care. I don't regret it. I'd say it again. There's something I'm worried about and I wish I could say what but I can't... gomen. -_-

Instant Female Anime Character Creator
by agirlnamedgoo27
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorViolet
Hair StyleShaved (almost bald)
Personality TypeUber-angsty
Groovy PowerTelepathy
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